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2019 Jake Caster Pro-Model (Nemesis Series)

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The Jake Caster Pro has opened our eyes to a whole new way of shaping and building skimboards. It’s all thanks to the advice and shredding of Jake Caster, our newest addition to the team and wow has he made an impact on the sport, our team, and our boards.
The Jake Caster Pro is constructed with the lightest of our foam densities but with the strongest fiberglass schedules we have ever done on a skim, which is what helps give him all that pop off the wave for doing his huge shuv tricks. With the stronger glass schedule this board is built like a tank and can take a beating through the entire season of shredding, competitions, and traveling all year long.
The most unique changes on his board is the stubbed off nose and tail to help with riding revert and, when he is spinning around on his 540’s & 720’s.
Lastly the Jake Caster Pro has the sharpest rails of any Brigade board to date. This is the number one reason jake is able to land huge tricks like the 720 Big Spin and his signiture trick the Hail Mary. When the board is rotating that fast in the air, once it hits the water he needs it to catch and stop. If you are looking for that board to take you to the next level, the Caster-Pro is the no doubt the board for you.

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